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Thanks doll!!

Ayeee guys and gals, I’m deleting this blog due to my lack of care for Sterek, so if you’d like to follow my newest active blog its @ :)

I mean… God, I want you too. I always had, Derek.

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graphics battle ↔ vs claudiastilinsk
Florals + ladies (any ladies, all ladies, ladies)

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Allison’s Goodbye.

Rest in peace, Warrior. 

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You will learn to lose everything
We are temporary arrangements

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The One I Love - Rosie (Original Song)

Hello again! So I don’t know how it happened, but it happened, so here it is: my second Teen Wolf-inspired song. As a Sterek-Fan, I see this song as a song from them, ofc, but actually, you can apply the lyrics to all ships, if you want to, so don’t let that stop you from listening, okay? :D

God, I am so excited bc I also think that this is one (if not the) best song I’ve ever recorded and written, although my voice wasn’t warmed up properly, so please don’t leave me hanging here, haha.

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If you are interested in hearing more (covers & original songs) then go here :)

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This isn't even a person. 
It's a spirit that's taken the shape of a human.

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we both know it’s coming, does illusion count for something we hide? (x)

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popsongi’m staying up this time

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